Welcome to Athinai: region of Originality

Have the god's fist set onto the center of the Dion--caving it's land and creating the coolest city and blackmarket ever. This is Athinai's story--admittedly quite short despite being "original".

The stark, apathetic nature of Athinai is felt through your bones, yet something tells you this could've been more. In fact, the idea of it being more makes the aloofness feel all the more disappointing. It's like Paris Syndrome, but the hope is still palpable in the bunched up of millions making their way down the roads.

Everything about Athinai is unorganic and unorganized--to its tall, featureless office buildings and to the cluttered highways with untrackable routes. This place absolutely blows and you're not sure why people even stay here. One of the more discernable landmarks of Athinai is what appears to be staggeringly tall clock- countdown.? You're not entirely sure but it does have numerical signs. You sure wonder what that will do.

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- 90s Ipsum -

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